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´┐ŻAtoZed Software's Indy installer *sucks*´┐Ż
2005-04-11, 13:00:00

So last week I am working on this application that needs to interact with a web service on our intranet. No problem. Except that the data I am posting to the server isn't getting URL encoded properly. Well, I take that back; the second argument isn't being encoded properly.


Well, I was using the Indy components for Delphi to write this application, and the version of Indy I was using was the one installed by default with Delphi 7. This is pretty old, so I proceed to look on the site for an upgrade, whereupon I find out that AtoZed Software has an installer for Indy v10, that's the latest and greatest; I can just close Delphi, run the installer and then get working again.

Bad idea.

Four hours of work Friday morning and a couple hours this morning and I finally have Delphi back to the point where compiles properly. Their installer truncated my library path. What's this mean? This means that all the components that got truncated out of my path got fried. No path to reach them. No way to use the components. No way to build most of my projects that use visual components.

Good thing that we didn't have an emergency that day that required whipping up a quick fix AP.

Therefore, I strongly recomment against using AtoZed Software's wares and their installer because as someone who has experience building hundreds of install packages, I can say with confidence that their shit is very weak. Install Indy from source and steer clear!




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AtoZed Software's Indy installer *sucks*


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